Westward Stocktaking


About Us

Our Mission:   To be both the most ethical, reliable and sustainable licensed trades stocktaking company within our area.

With over 50 years service 'Westward Stocktaking' provides accurate, reliable and efficient stocktaking services.  Our highly experienced and fully-trained team focus on providing our clients with 100% support with the most cost effective and accurate service.

Currently our clients within the Hospitality Trades include international Corporations  Social Clubs, Sports Clubs, Universities, Wine Bars, Public Houses and of course the Traditional English Inn all around Bristol and Bath including Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire.

The Benefits

Westward Stocktaking have excellent relationships with all local suppliers and distributors and as a recognised and established stocktaker, through these relationships we can often fill in the missing details from your invoicing records on your behalf.

Our stocktake reports have identified instances of theft and fraud, with sufficient accuracy to pinpoint individual employees. Employees often give extra measures, make mistakes with change, sell at lower prices to friends, or even pull free pints hoping that it can be hidden as waste, this is where a regular stocktake will highlight problems. We do not rely solely on computer programmes to calculate your report, every stock take is fully scrutinised and independantly re-checked giving the advantage that any repeated mistakes that are simply taken as normal by other automated systems are completely eliminated.

We identify supplier invoicing/quantity discrepancies.

We advise on shortcomings in your stock management systems.

Stocktakers are often best placed to advise on best value when choosing suppliers.

We will improve the efficiency of your business which in turn will add extra value to the bottom line.

We are probably  the longest established stocktakers in the area and our knowledge and experience is second to none.

In short we experience the very best practice within the industry, from which your business will benefit in both efficiency and profitability.

 Our People

At Westward Stocktaking, our team are the key to our success.  With their collective experience and long standing loyalty Westward Stocktaking have proven to more than meet customers expectations.


 Our Values

Westward Stocktaking set out exacting standards and take pride in delivering accuracy, consistency, reliability and efficiency. We have built our reputation on providing these qualities and vigorously protect our key market advantage.

We listen to and recognise that our customers are our business and that they should expect nothing less from us.


 Our History

Established in 1964 Westward Stocktaking have developed their business over the half a centuary by providing a wholeheartedly honest approach.

Although the core of our clients are in the licensed trade, we have also provided services to engineering, retail and distribution companies.

Our down to earth and no frills attitude has benefited countless clients over the years, backed with unrivalled quality of service with an all important competitive edge.